In bloxburg you need a house it dosen't matter if it's cheap or expensive as long as you have a house your mainly good to go! But some people wonder "why do you need a house?" Well you need a house because if you see your mood you will see that you have four bars 2. hunger 4. hygiene. when you have no house your bars turn red like the picture down there! You get fun by getting toys or watching tv and you need that in your plot.You get hunger by getting a fridge and an oven! Some things repuire a micowave or a toaster and you can find them in the appliancies section when you go in build mode! You get energy by sleeping and sitting down although you can sit down with emotes you dont get as much as you do when your in bed or when you sit on a chair! You obviously get hygiene from the shower, toilet, sink and bath! you can find them in the plumbing section!

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